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Name: Jack Van Kempen

Country: Antwerp / Belgium

Message: Great site – Very nice pictures and historic info – We are with several Norton Rotaries here around and hope to enjoy them for much more years! regards, Jack.

Name: David Lace

Country: Cumbria / England

Message: Fantastic to find this site – it’s brilliant to see & hear these wonderful bikes again! If my memory serves me correctly the whole concept came about through a guy called Malcolm Heath (a factory employee) who raced one in Club events. In it’s original guise it was a patriotic Red White & Blue. Keep up the good work — I’ll come back!!!

Name: Rob Routledge

Country: Batemans Bay / Australia

Message: As a Norton owner it was great to see others with a love for the best bike name in the world, allas no new Norton’s but I ride.

Name: Brian & Doreen Crighton

Country: Staffordshire / England

Message: Came across this site by accident – but certainly a fantastic piece of history. Well done, and thank you to everybody who prepared the site. You seem to forget all the things that were achieved by myself and others in this great era for British engineering. Only sad that it is no more!! All that we can look forward to now is the occasional demonstration laps at some forthcoming events. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everybody for their interest and support and hope to see you soon.

Name: Brian Hutchins

Country: Bridgend / South Wales

Message: Been working for Norton’s for a number of years. Its nice to see someone still flying the banner. Keep it up will visit your site again.

Name: John Boardman

Country: Northampton / England

Message: Fantastic site, keep it up!. I believe both "Duckhams" bike are at the national motor museum. I want one !!!

Name: Richard Lacy

Country: UK / USA

Message: If any bike/engine could ever make it, an updated version of this should – someone please mass produce this Gem. If the Norton name can ever return this would be the way to go!

Name: Ned Blair

Country: Larne / Northern Ireland

Message: A great fan of robert dunlop brings back memories the sound of the nortons at leathem town, nice site.

Name: Rick Sinn

Country: Michigan / USA

Message: I’m happy that Kenny Dreer is bringing back the Norton name and spirit BUT — how poignant that the rotary hasn’t stayed alive in its own right. The latest 2004 YamaKawaHonduki 1000 cc 4cyl “superbikes” only now meet the specs of the 588 Roton’s final incarnation…

Name: Darren Woodhead

County: Lincoln

Message: Saw the JPS Norton’s at Cadwell, fantastic! Saw Hizzy ride the white JPS Norton at the TT, truly a fantastic sound! I friend of my dads raced a Norton engine side car and got me a couple of sales brochures that I still have to this date, on the front shows of one it says BITCH and you open it up it says SON OF A BITCH. The other is a full technical spec sales brochure. A really informative site, keep up the good work. I wish I could hear them again! Cheers.

Name: Phil Osborne

Country: West Midlands / England

Message: OH HAPPY DAYS! Such sweet memories!

Name: Kris Perkins / Gail Terzi

Country: Surrey / England

Message: Fantastic site. I wrote the ‘norton rotary’ book back in the good old days and spent many hours with the JPS team both at practice and at race meetings, great times. Well done!

Name: Billy Hickman

Country: Notts / England

Message: great site brings back happy days.

Name: Don

County: Cardiff / Glamorgan

Message: Great to find your site and discover they are still alive.

Name: Marco Pasquali

Country: Italy

Message: A really fantastic site! Thanks for your efforts. I’m interested in a Norton wankel f1 if anyone is able to give me an hand… ciao from Italy!

Name: Vegard S. Kirkebøen

Country: Norway

Message: Fantastic site! I just love the F1 keep up the good work. Cheers!

Name: Magnus Berglund

Country: Sweden

Message: Very nice reading! We need more people like you.

Name: Andre v Ekeris

Country: Florida / USA

Message: Love my Norton combat. Lots of luck, love the site.

Name: Bill Meredith

County: Shropshire

Message: Great web site I have a Norton and attend Norton days. Spend most of my time taking it to pieces and putting it back together again. Enjoyed the race day and hope to see some of you there next year. Trying to get one more ride in before the weather changes.

Name: James Thiele

Country: USA

Message: Enjoyed reading the articles on your web site. A lot of history I wasn’t aware found there. Thanks for your effort.

Name: Des Christie

Country: West Yorkshire / England

Message: I saw them in 1989 at Donnington which was the same meeting as the 500 GP, but my favourite memory of that weekend was those Nortons. Thanks for the memories.

Name: Jonathan Read

Country: Surrey / England

Message: A message of up most sadness that the biking community has lost one of the greatest and most loved members, Hizzy we will all miss you and your pleasant manners towards your fans. My deepest regards to Mr. Hislops family and all that have been touched by the greatest of this man. You will be missed.

Name: Paul Drumm

Country: Ireland

Message: JPS at the NW200 @ Ulster Grand Prix. Great bikes great sounds. Wee Robbie and Trevor Nation were superb in those days.

Name: Rick Simms

Country: Brighton, UK / now Virginia USA

Message: Loved the site. First got an A-65 Beeza, then a Commando and a Trident and each time I thought I had the ultimate. Now I have to have a Rotary. What a waste of brilliant engineering R&D. The same twats Bert Hopwood wrote about in his great book, "What Became of the British Motorcycle Industry". A must read! Should have shot the bloody lot of them.

Name: Joe Davies

Country: Leicester

Message: What a site! Someone must be able make or build something of a similar bike and make it something to be proud of yet again.

Name: Lauren Fell

Country: Co. Antrim

Message: This site is really good and your rider profiles are really good! Keep up the good work!

Name: Martin Ashfield

Country: Dubai, U.A.E.

Message: Dropped on this site by accident, brings back memories from Donington and the TT huge speeds, Nation wrestling the F1 around the island. Being born and bred a stones throw from Bracebridge Street and hammering through Shenstone village to Litchfield on sunny days, magic!

Name: Amanda C

Country: Northern Ireland

Message: Really good site, what a shame I haven’t got one.

Name: William

Country: Northern Ireland

Message: This site is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Name: Rob Cole

Country: West Midlands / England

Message: Superb site, just seen the Nortons in action at the Post TT Mallory Park (8/6/03), fantastic sight and sound!!

Name: Conor Henry

Country: Antrim / N. Ireland

Message: Hi, great site you have here. I have fantastic memories of watching Robert Dunlop on the Norton at the Ulster Grand Prix racing against Joey, still the greatest race I ever saw! And who could forget Trevor Nation scaring everybody every lap at Cocharnstown at the UGP, so close to the grass bank on one wheel cant be good for your health, great days pity we will never see them again.

Name: Alan Critoph

Country: London / England

Message: Very interesting site, especially the Video Clips. I ride an Air Cooled Norton Interpol II, wish it was as fast as the real Norton Rotaries. Looking forward to the post tt meeting at Mallory Park to see all the Norton race bikes reunited.

Name: Neil Morrison

Country: Carnoustie / Scotland

Message: Wow, what a site. Great fan of the JPS rotaries, boy could they kick ass! Still have the famous Steve & Trevor double wheelie poster. I saw the racing sidecar outfit at Knockhill, it wasn’t very reliable that day but it could shift a bit. Lovely bikes, lovely noise, well done Brian Crighton!

Name: Treflow

Country: Netherlands

Message: Nice website. I saw the JPS team several times. Racing in the Netherlands and England. Visited the Norton factory and the JPS working place in Shenstone.

Name: Rob Lighton

Country: England

Message: I can remember going to race meetings at Darley Moor, Derbyshire in the mid 80′s where a lot of the early testing on the Norton was done. I remember it being push started off the grid, last away when it fired and the bike came home second. I think it was piloted by Darley’s 350 club champ that year.

Name: Steve Spray

Country: Sheffield / UK

Message: Just thought I’d take a look to see what news I could find on myself and here is a site with me in person. Unfortunately I cannot claim to be the real Steve Spray, only a civil servant namesake. Good site anyway, enjoyed seeing the stuff.

Name: Ben Feltham

Country: Portsmouth / UK

Message: Great site, I think they should introduce the "Norton F1" to minimoto racing. I think it would walk them all.

Name: John Hodgson

Country: New Hampshire / USA

Message: Awesome site, makes me wish for summer! Keep up the good work, its appreciated.

Name: Daniel Bones

Country: Lincolnshire / UK

Message: Brilliant site! I watched the Norton at Cadwell when I was 6 and remember it destroying the multi cylinder Suzuki’s easily. An amazing machine.

Name: David Cameron

Country: Chelmsford / UK

Message: From all rotarians in the ROTARY OWNERS CLUB, thank you and well done for putting such a superb site together. Any other F1 owners interested in getting together? Drop me an e-mail RotaryOC@aol.com. Keep the rotors spinning!!

Name: Jeppe Olsen

Country: Denmark

Message: I don’t own an F1, but I’m still searching. There are hanging from the trees. But until then I’ll have to settle with admiring your gorgeous bikes. Keep up the good work lads. All the best

Name: Jason Russell

Country: Sydney / Australia

Message: I currently race a 1962 Norton Atlas in classic unlimited here in oz. Love the info on the rotary, what a motorcycle, it certainly showed the Japanese how it was done.

Name: John Martin

Country: Canada

Message: I’ve been looking for a JPN web site for years & just found it! Excellent web site. I had the privilege of watching the JPS team at Donnington GP in 1991(?), what a great noise they made & race a 1974 JPN in vintage racing in the Pacific Northwest.

Name: Tom Carberry

Country: Down / N. Ireland

Message: Congrats on a great site. Really miss the sound and sight of a fantastic machine.

Name: Ron Abud

Country: USA

Message: Enjoying your website very much. Thanks

Name: Sander Bais

Country: Dronten / Netherlands

Message: Very good site! Don’t have a Norton F1, but do wish I had. Amazing and wonderful machines. But I did have the pleasure to see one here in Holland!!! I guess I’ll have to save cash and keep my eye’s open for a Norton F1 for sale and keep on dreaming… Greetings from a rotary-engine freak…

Name: Jerry Doe

Country: California / USA

Message: What a great website! Cool videos – Thanks for putting this together, Jerry – jerrydoe.com

Name: H-J. Stuhlpfarrer

Country: Bregenz / Austria

Message: Phantastic stuff! great site! with a wallpaper of a flaming f1-exhaust would make it perfect (for me ;-).

Name: Andy Creasey

Country: Lincoln / England

Message: Great site, brought back some fantastic memories.

Name: Simon Thompson

Country: Cornwall / England

Message: I remember watching the Norton’s racing on TV, what memories this site gives. I too hope with motogp rules as they are that maybe we will see and here the rotaries once again. Top site well done!

Name: David Gaskell

Country: New Zealand

Message: Great site lots of info I love the F1 bike wish they mad more of an impact in the racing world my father has a commander its the best thing on two wheels I have rode and I have been riding for 28 years I’m only 31.

Name: Derek Nicol

Country: Bedfordshire / England

Message: Excellent site that evokes so many happy memories. I was lucky enough to be at the Brands Powerbike race in October 88 when Steve Spray battled it out with Rymer in his first ride, in so doing winning both the races and securing JPS backing. It was truly emotional to see Spray & Nation back on the race bikes in July 2002 at Cadwell (see gallery on this site). I now have a Norton rotary fitted with a replica race bike exhaust so I can get my fix of that soul stirring crackle/howl when I feel the need.

Name: Lisa Parker

Country: Canada

Message: Wow brings back some very happy memories, my mum and dad used to take us to the race meetings when Steve and Trevor were racing (and doing very well at it too). I was only 11 or 12, looking through the photo gallery is wicked. I remember so many faces and it is always nice to see those beautiful machines! What an absolute shame they are no longer around! We still have the union Jack that we used to take to every meeting and was signed by the team and got carried round several tracks when they won races. Happy days!!!!!

Name: Ben Kinge

Country: Basingstoke / England

Message: A Fantastic site, I was one of Norton’s biggest fans when I was growing up. Still have lots of items of interest, all JPS posters. Site is just great. Very accurate.

Name: Karina Townsend

Country: Norfolk / England

Message: I reckon this is a fab site! I would recommend it to any motor biking fan. My favourite rider at the moment is Steve Hislop and team mate Stuart Easton (I have had my photo done with Stuart). My family and I go to a few races.

Name: Michael Barnard

Country: Australia

Message: A great site and so sad that other peoples greed / ego got in the way of a great bike.

Name: Simon

Country: UK

Message: Found your site by chance. I was a racetrack marshal throughout the era of the JPS Norton and have fond memories of these bikes. The excitement from the crowds was magic watching the flames from the exhaust. I remember Robert Dunlop crashing at Donnington (Coppice corner) on the exit, the most frightening crash i had ever seen. I was the first marshal to get to him, he was shaken but ok. Not much left of the Norton. Anyhow the age of the JPS Nortons was a golden British era, really exciting.

Name: Dennis Mathen

Country: India

Message: Brilliant site, more of a tribute to the great machine that we know as the Norton Rotary. Its really sad that they aren’t in production or competition. Lets hope it makes a comeback. Long Live Norton.

Name: Ashley Bennett

Country: Australia

Message: I was told about this site by Mauro Borella, amazingly I never knew it existed. I own 2 ex works race bikes, a 1989 RCW and 1991 NRS588. They are the most exciting race bikes ever to see a race track and I only wish they were still out there now. Great site.

Name: Colin Breakwell

Country: England

Message: I dropped on your site by chance and what a great site it really is and takes you back to the good racing years.

Name: Nicola Bortolin

Country: Italy

Message: Waw, I just see right now your web site and I say it’s really fantastic site, congratulations! Ciao a tutti!

Name: Dave Field

Country: London / England

Message: What a fantastic site! I followed the fortunes of the Norton Rotary in its various guises since seeing Andy McGladdery race it in the mid 80′s. I never actually saw Trevor Nation or Steve Spray racing cause each time I was at a race the bikes broke down! However its great to find the site and I hope you can add to it in the future. Just a question, what is Brian Crighton up to now and what would it take to get the team back out on the track?

Name: Hartmut Weidelich

Country: Germany

Message: Hello, just stumbled across this site and love it! These bikes were so fast and technical beyond anything else in the 90ties – what a shame that nothing followed bearing the proud Norton name on the tank!!!! A friend of mine has a very nice F1 TT. As he is too old now to ride it, he wants to sell it. If I had the money the bike would be mine!

Name: Nick Brown

Country: Somerset / England

Message: Fantastic web site, but I have one question. With the advent of the rule changes in GP motorcycle racing do you think that there will ever be a return of rotaries in the field, if so then please let me know as I know how much people would like to relive the glory years of the early nineties. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Name: Mark Simpson

Country: Lincoln / England

Message: Hi, came across your web site purely by accident and it is the best website i have seen with reference to JPS Norton. I currently own a road going version of the 89/90 race bike, originally made by Phil Woodham with parts from Norton/Spondon as pictured on the front of this years NOC calendar. Also have an extensive collection of JPS Norton photographs and promo items, always on the lookout for more love to hear from anybody interested in Norton etc. Well done excellent web site.

Name: Frank Kjellnes

Country: Norway

Message: Hi! Great site, I’m not a lucky owner of an F1, but I’m a great fan of these bikes. Even though I have not been riding one, I have been looking through the internet for information and pictures. I have not even seen a F1 in real life. I was very surprised to find out that there is a F1 in Norway and not very far from where I live (close to Bergen), maybe I’ll meet him one day. Keep up the good work with this site! Frank

Name: Kjell Hefte

Country: Norway

Message: Hi! Good to see I’m not the only one to love this great rotaries! My bike is a F1 Sport 92 mod. that I bought used in 94 in London and imported it to Norway. Coloured in the original metallic red (believe it’s one of three in that colour). Wonderful bikes the rotaries are, so thanks to you people that makes this web site to a place we can keep them alive!

Name: Ben Gibson

Country: Leicestershire / UK

Message: Great site. I remember as a 16 year old watching rocket Ron Haslam on the JPS Norton at Mallory Park. If I close my eyes I can still see the red hot embers shooting from the exhaust as he exited the bus stop. I swear I have still not heard a bike that sounded as well as the Norton did. I envy anyone who has one of these bikes now and one day wish to own one myself.

Name: Patrick Washington

Country: California / USA

Message: Great site! I found a JPS Norton Rotary racer in a Moto GP support web site. I haven’t seen even a picture of one of these since about ’92. It was a great shot, I believe at Le Mans during an endurance race with a huge flame shooting out the exhaust pipe. On of the best action shots of all time! I’m currently riding the first brand I fell in love with: Ducati, but those JPS Norton rotaries are / were spectacular!!

Name: Frank McDermott

Country: Dundee / Scotland

Message: I loved the site as I have owned Nortons for many years not rotary ones unfortunately. I went many times to Knockhill in Scotland to see the rotary Nortons in action they were awesome, my daughter who was five at the time had a calendar made for her with pictures of Ron Haslam and the Norton he rode at that time and he still keeps in touch with her, keep up the great work on this site.

Name: Gian von Salis

Country: Scuol / Switzerland

Message: Well well, it`s good to have a look but even better to ride. Lucky fellows. Let`s keep the rotors spinning and we might see some more good pictures. And who says they are not around? Let`s have some more here anytime.

Name: Robert Mullins

Country: USA / UK

Message: Great site. Very informative. I remember going to some race when I was younger (too young to remember, TT perhaps) and Norton stuck out in my mind. Wish Norton were like Hinkley Triumph, I would own one, if I could.

Name: Shaun Brennan

Country: Richmond / California

Message: Tasty site! Not my usual cup of tea, but I read the whole thing (so you must be doing something right!)

Name: Huw Huws

Country: Wales

Message: My name is Huw Huws. I come north Wales I race at pure road races in Ireland and the Isle of Man on a rotary Norton F1. I have some sponsors who have been loyal for years but I always spend more money than I get in. I’m on the net looking for helpers. If you ever fancied helping out a race team get in touch, all sorts of things need doing. Check out my site at www.nortonroadracing.com Just get in touch. Don’t be shy. Thanks for listening.

Name: Andy Wilson

Country: Lancashire / England

Message: Hi, great site, like Huw I have a F1 race bike, just completed, but with not enough time to qualify for the Ulster G.P.! Huw and I are aiming to ride at the Hoghton Tower sprint 30th September. Come along have a chat and listen to some rotary music! Hoghton Tower is situated between Blackburn and Preston in Lancashire, details should be in the Classic motorcycle press

Name: Mauro Borella

Country: Italy

Message: Hi everybody. I am one of the about 12/14 people in all the world to be so lucky to own one of the JPS works racers from 1990. I do hope to be able to take it next year at the TT "Lap of Honour". We’ll see. I do also own a road-going F.1. What I can say about your site? Just fantastic! Ciao. Mauro

Name: Roberto Crepaldi

Country: Milano / Italy

Message: Like my friend Mauro I’m another Italian happy owner of JPS Works Norton. Mine it’s chassis #020# ’92 NSR588 that I have bought directly from the Factory just before its stop in ’93. This works racer has been ridden by Haslam, Dunlop, Rymer and Moody in ’92 season. Congratulations for the site. Regards, Roberto

Name: Marco Makaus

Country: Italy

Message: Sorry chaps, I do not own a racing Norton. I feel ashamed, after my friends Mauro and Roberto. I am happy enough with my F1 Sport, that by the way struggles a bit with our Mediterranean warm climate. In fact, the engine is happy when the tyres are not: it’s almost impossible to have both tyres and engine with the most efficient temperature! Thank you and keep up the good work…

Name: David Pritchard

Country: Canada

Message: Great site! I purchased a 1990 F1 with 35 miles on this year. Not a production racer but a beautiful bike! David

Name: Cliff Appleton

Country: Zurich / Switzerland

Message: Great site, what a shame they are not around any more!

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