DVD’s / Videos To Buy featuring the JPS Norton Racers

The JPS Norton’s on Video That You Can Buy

Although the JPS/Crighton Norton’s were racing over ten years ago they do still feature on certain videos, some of which are still available to buy.  Below we have listed some of them that we know about and can personally comment on.

If you know of any other videos/dvds featuring the rotary powered norton racers please e-mail us and let us know about them and we’ll be happy to add them to the growing list.

Please note:- we do not supply copies of these tapes nor do we offer them for sale from ourselves.

ronhaslamrrtw Ron Haslam – Road Racing To Win 60 minutes
Ron Haslam shares his many years of experience as he guides you through setting up a race bike and demonstrates all the techniques for racing on the track.  Throughout the whole video Ron demonstrates how to do it on his JPS Norton, with some great close ups of the bike plus exclusive interviews.
Track Record 1991

1993bbr Best Of British Bike Review 1993 105 minutes
A full review of the 1993 ACU TT Superbike Championship season during which Jim Moodie featured very strongly aboard his Duckhams Norton.  The tape is a compilation of all races and so gives general good cover of all races in the season most of which the Duckhams Norton featured strongly.
Duke 1993

britainsgoldenyears Motor Cycling – Britain’s Golden Years 54 minutes
Murray Walker takes you through Britain’s golden years of Motor Cycling, from the very very earliest days of production through two world wars and up to the present day.  The video features a lot of historic footage and contains two small clips of Steve Spray on the JPS Norton at Mallory Park.
Visnews 1990

1990tt 1990 TT Review 55 minutes
The Yearly review of the TT races, a typical Duke production featuring great on board and track side coverage, up to the usual high standards you would expect from them. Nation came 2nd in the Senior and Dunlop 3rd in the F1 so the JPS Norton’s feature in places during the duration of the video. 
Duke 1990