Eugene Laverty's Adelaide Masters Superbike & Supersports Series 2011 – Mondello Park

The 3hr. 40m. marathon disc tells the story of the 2011 Adelaide Masters Superbike & Supersport 600 series from Mondello.

Ireland's World Superbike racing superstar Eugene Laverty casts an experienced eye over the first Adelaide Masters series & the Bridgestone Cup from Mondello Park.

Kirk Jamison had a season long battle with Damien Byrne & Matthew Percy for the Superbike title and Keith Farmer, in only his first full season of circuit racing, has established himself as a Supersports superstar by winning both the British and Adelaide Masters titles.

All the big names were out in the Masters Finals, Jamison, Farmer, Cameron Donald, Jack Kennedy, and Marshall Neill entertained during the year and this 3hrs. 40m. DVD gives you the action recorded by the RPM cameras over the four Adelaide Masters meetings.

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  • Running Time:220 minutes
  • Manufacturer:Tyndall Productions
  • Format:PAL,
  • Number Of Discs:1
  • Label:Tyndall Productions
  • Product Group:DVD
  • Studio:Tyndall Productions
  • Audience Rating:Exempt
  • Package Weight:0.22 lb

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